HR Consulting

We would like to partner with your firm to handle a variety of HR functions including all types of HR manuals/policies/documents preparation, HR planning, Compensation packages/ benefits, recruitment and HR department system development. As your business grows, we are there each step of the way, providing just what you need when you need it. Daily Consult plc  is equipped with advanced technology to provide the holistic flexible HR support.


Effective workplace policies and procedures have never been more important than in today’s challenging, ever-changing business world. It is essential for organizations to have policies and procedures developed and implemented based on best employment practices. We prepare best policies & procedures for your workforce. Daily Consult provides HR services to fill HR professional gaps, to direct specific projects, to deliver point expertise, or to provide counsel over time. We help your companies operate efficiently by delivering high quality service, based on varied and deep experience.


We can assist with daily HR activities such as employee relations, training, benefits, employee administration and payroll. In addition, we build strong relationships with both management/ owners and employees. This enables us to serve as trusted consultants on your policies and procedures. Our service system is highly customizable on your requirements and interests. We provide HR advice, health & safety risk assessment as well as review and develop HR policies, procedures and employment documents to assist employers to manage their employment obligations.


We evaluate internal services. We can ensure you’re meeting applicable laws and taking full advantage of the latest HR practices. We’re experts in both process and documentation and will evaluate, identify and implement changes in any number of areas, such as: conduct a full‐service HR assessment; review employee handbooks, procedures manuals and create new policies; and review and analyze recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations….etc.

What we do for you…?

We propose solutions and recruitment modules and HR policies/manuals for companies

We take the time to understand the needs of our client companies and executives.

We offer HR consultation on how to handle your employee responsibilities.

We make firm commitments and keep them.

We provide extraordinary, personalized service.

We prepare and provide any kinds of HR manuals and policies We guarantee satisfaction.

We are committed to grow our business in response to our clients’ needs.

Anything you desire to have in your HR department, out of the ordinary, we can do it for you.

Why you should work with us for your HR needs?

We are always at your disposal to better serve you, to understand you and share our experience, our skills…

We take special attention to the quality of our service to find the best solutions and provide the best possible assistance to your business

We will reduce your Human Resource costs we will customize recruiting services to your needs we offer time sensitive recruiting we offers discounts to our loyal customers.

Your core benefits?

Increases Profit

Access Qualified Professionals

Quickly Fill Open Positions

Have all in one HR Services

Devote More Time to Your Business