At what level we can help you?

perational: when you have urgent need of HR Staff; Project-based: to implement or optimize HR processes; As interim managers: to lead and steer your HR team. Full HR Functions: to focus to your core business while take care your HR matters


Dosha Consulting offers flexible HR OUTSOURCING support, tailored to meet your requirements: Simply outsource your day-to-day, HR related routine tasks. We will look after the entire HR administration, just-in-time. From the preparation of work contracts, written warnings, terminations, and even the completion of necessary formalities for foreign postings: we are on hand to draft all of the documents you need in your HR Department. We use automated system to build your HR Department. You can also outsource individual parts of your HR administration to us, or you can simply contract us to help you decide what should be outsourced to most help you focus on your core business. We are a one-stop solution, and perfectly aligned with the precise needs of your company.

Focus on your core business

while we take care your management functions from any level of your preference.